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DCOL Editor Documentation

Author: Martin Klusacek

The DCOL Editor is a simple tool that allows users to edit the properties dynamic collision object files with the .DCOL extension.

Getting Started:

The executable for this tool is called DCOL_Edit.exe. This program however, does no run stand-alone. When it is run without any arguments, it doesn't do anything. To use this tool, associate files with the extension .DCOL with this tool. This can be done by holding down Shift, then right clicking on a .DCOL file and then selecting Open With...

Using the Tool:

Double-click on a .DCOL file in Windows Explorer. The DCOL Editor should now start up and look like Fig 1.1 below.

DCOL Editor Screenshot
Fig 1.1 DCOL Editor in action

So what does it do?:

This tool allows the eight attributes of a dynamic collision object to be edited. The actual mesh of the object cannot be edited. These properties are set up in the user properties in the 3D modelling package, and usually need not be edited further. This tool is merely for convenience, as it allows rapid prototyping of dynamic objects, as changes can be quickly made to car bodies, and other objects, and tested in the game without the need to re-export the whole scene in the 3D package. Once you are happy with the physics properties of an object, copy these properties into the original model userdata in 3DSMax to make these changes permanent in all future exports.

Description of properties:

The cars' Center of Mass can also be altered ingame. To do this use the incCarCenterX, incCarCenterY, incCarCenterZ command at the console.
Eg :

incCarCenterX 0.1 will move the center of mass to the left.
incCarCenterX -0.1 will move the center of mass to the right.
incCarCenterY 0.1 will move the center of mass up and will make the car roll over more and be more rocky.
incCarCenterY -0.1 will move the center of mass down and will make the car more stable and solid on the road.
incCarCenterZ 0.1 will move the center of mass forwards and make the car understeer.
incCarCenterZ -0.1 will move the center of mass backards will make the car oversteer.

Moving the center of mass left or right is not needed unless you're making a really wacky car.

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