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Editing Vehicle Function Curves

Author: Chris Wise

This document is designed to give a very brief explanation of editing the vehicle function curves, and an outline of what each function achieves regarding the vehicle handling characteristics.

All basic curve shapes in TDR 2000 have been based on data from real cars. Most vehicle set-ups have been achieved by scaling and translating these curves.

FunctionEditor Screenshot

Camber Grip Curve

Camber angle in degrees vs. coefficient of friction multiplier.
The camber angle of a wheel represents the angle of the wheel to the ground. This angle affects the tyres grip.

Most TDR 2000 cars have been set up so that grip falls away very quickly as camber angles increase. This helps prevent cars from rolling and makes them slide out more around corners. Because the cars will have less grip while cornering, they may also loose power.

Camber Thrust Curve

Force multiplier vs. Camber Angle.
As a leaning wheel rolls, it generates a lateral force in the direction it is leaning, causing the wheel to turn in that direction. The camber thrust curve is used to simulate this. Increasing the Camber Thrust may cause cars to slide out more.

Front and Rear Down Force Curves

Down Force in Newtons vs. Speed in kph.
Down force is cause by the aerodynamic properties of cars and is affected by speed. These curves are not fully implemented. Front and Rear Down Force are treated as one, and are applied to the centre of the car.

Road Slip Curve

Coefficient of friction vs. slip fraction.
Scale this curve to set-up the performance of the tyres. Scale up to increase grip. TDR 2000 cars have been given unrealistically high grip to allow for extremely high acceleration. The camber grip had to be modified to prevent the cars from rolling when cornering.

Roll Resistance Curve

This curve is not fully implemented and is not used.

Tire Load Curve

This curve is not fully implemented.
It will have an effect on camber thrust. Experiment at your own risk.

Torque Curve

Torque in Newtons vs. Revs per minute.
Scale this curve to modify the power of the car. Modifying this curve may require changes in the gear and diff ratios in the car descriptor. The car's engine sound may also be affected.

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