Pivot Point Detachables:

Though covered a little in the previous section, Pivot point detachables are normally Zero-World objects which fall off of the main body, like the fenders or grill.  You should now have all Zero-World mesh Creation Points set to world zero, so this won't be that difficult.

Each Pivot Point Detachable must be in the following Structure:


If you have no Axis point detachables, and you didn't set up anything for them, go back through that part and set up the Switch_Detach dummy and the Switch_Deform dummy and link the Deform dummy to the Detach dummy.  These are Inconsequential-World Placement Objects, so put them out in front of the car someplace.  I preferably set them on X,0.

Now, Select the Pivot mesh for what you are working on, and link it to the data mesh.  Select then the data mesh and the display mesh(s) and link htem to the Deform dummy.  That was easy wasn't it.

After you have the first one built, just duplicate the dummies, renaming them to the proper indicator name, and link the next set up.

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