Final Dummies:

Almost one of the last things to add.  These Dummies will be the ones which tell the game where Fire is, if the car is that damaged.  Brake lights are, if the car is undamaged.  And where your towpoint is.

Start off in the top viewport.  Draw a dummy roughly the same size as the axis points and call it Flame01.

Link this dummy to the data_Chassis, then move it into the engine compartment, best if it is to one side.  Be aware of where the driver is, and don't place it in front of him.  There is nothing I hate more then getting hit, not being able to be repaired and only seeing smoke in the Cockpit view.

Duplicate the dummy, and move it to a different location on the car.  Do this again for a third one.  You can have up to 4, so why not.

Next, create a smaller dummy, roughly a third the size of the fire dummies.  Name this one Brake01

It would be helpful to hide everything but a mesh to help you guide this, and whatever the brake will eventually be linked to.  I have unhide the TailLight meshes, and the Switch_Deform dummies which I will eventually link the brakes to.

In the Back Viewport, move it close to where it will be.  The viewport below, gives a rough size to closeness of the mesh to the dummy.  If it is to close, the brake will have polygons going through it from the mesh, if it is to far, it won't look right, you may have to experiment with it.

In the Bottom Viewport, align the dummy over the tail light.  

After this is done, duplicate it, and move it for each light.  Link the Brake dummies to a display mesh to complete placement.

The size of the brake light is controlled in the car descriptor text.  A trick that Yuri told me about was to make a bunch of small lights to give the brake a specific shape.  this can be done by adjusting the brake light size in the script, and then providing multiple dummies to achieve the shape.  It is a good idea, that you make your brake dummies roughly the size you want the brake light size to be if you want to attempt that.

Next, duplicate one of the brake lights, or make a new dummy and call it Towpoint.  This dummy is placed where you want the vehicle to be able to tow objects.

Here I have placed the Towpoint in the middle of the world, and roughly where a trailer hitch, god forbid this car should have a trailer hitch on the end, would be.

Link the Towpoint to the data_Chassis.

Finally, in the Left Viewport, select the Wheel Insts, and pull them down a little.  The game assumes the original placement of the wheel is it's maximum stretch, like the car was in the air.  So by moving them down, the car will appear normally.  How much depends on the weight of the car and a couple of other things, but it is safe to say, about a quarter to half of the wheel's height will suffice.  

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