OK, right now, if you followed the instructions, you should really only be confused about one thing.  If you built the lod13_Chassis and the lod33_Chassis, where the hell is the lod23_Chassis.  And for that matter, where are the rest of them.  Well it took us this long to reduce some work in the end.

With everything visible, you should have any object that starts with lod visible.  Also, make sure that the lod33_chassis and the Wheel_Masters are hidden.

Select everything, then duplicate it.  Don't click off of it, and click the Select by Name button, and click the inverse button at the bottom.  Click select.  Now you should have the original lod elements selected. Hide them all.

Now, this is what you have. a whole bunch of pieces labeled lod13 or lod12 at the beginning and 01 at the end.  First thing to do is select them all, and apply an optimize modifier.  You will find that under the modify tab, and a more button at the top.

Now give them all the damaged texture.  If you have multiple maps at this point you should be careful.

Now, piece by piece, rename each of the elements and hide it.  They should start off with lod23 or lod22 and have no 01 at the end.  Do try to make use of the End key on your keyboard.

Once you are done, you are done.


Whew.... we are finally to the last part.  For this part, you will need the TorusMaxExporter.dle from the TDRSDK, available here, if you don't have it.

First thing.  Save this.  Hell save copies.  If you went through all of this tutorial, make sure you save it.

Next, select the MAIN_NULL, and go to the File pulldown menu, to Export Selected.  Choose TDR 2000(*.PAK) in the Save as type box.  What I have is a folder with all the cars that I created on my drive, each car is in a different folder.  Here I made a new folder with the cars name, and exported it as that car name there.  So, it would be a folder called Saleen and a file called Saleen.pak.

This next window you get looks like that.  Of course here is where you tell it if you are using lod settings or not.  If not, just click ok with the Use LOD Prefix unchecked.  IF so click the LOD Settings.

Under LOD Settings, you are going to tell the computer just where the LOD settings kick in at.  I choose 50 feet for the 2nd, and 100 for the 3rd.  The 4th has a -1 which means it is always visible.  This seems to be how the game is set up.

Click ok on all of that, and you are Exporting.  I had some 100 plus pieces.....nasty.

Next, do the same for the Bend data.  Call it Carname_Bend_Data.pak

Common Exporting Errors:

Image is not a TGA:  You have used an image which is not a TGA, that was simple.... make sure that they are all TGA's

Image is not 32 bit:  Yep, it was a TGA, but the image contains no Alpha channel.  Go back to Photoshop, and give it an alpha channel.

Freeze Mesh Scale:  Somewhere you missed a mesh that you resized.  Go back and find it, and set it's Center Point.

Another object exists with this name:  That is precisely what it says.

Mesh does not have a texture map:  Somewhere there is a mesh, which is not a pivot point or data mesh, without a map.  It can also come from a data mesh or pivot point which does not have the correct data.

Fatal Error:  Yeah, I get it.  Don't have a clue.  It probably has something to do with memory.

Any more errors, drop me a line at

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