OK, first thing is first.  Don't attempt to use any of these tutorials without first completing a car using the first tutorials.  I can't make that clear enough.  These lessons are for someone who has the understanding of what those tutorials offer.

What is offered here is theory on how to use Max to get the most out of what you can with low res polygons.  Each of these Tips and Tricks tutorials should correspond to the release of it's predecessor.  So you can read just that one, then come back to each of these, and see if what you are doing can be modified.

Tutorial 5:  Setup

Specifically, this tutorial will supercede it's predecessor.  All the information listed here will be adequate for setup by a beginner.  The basic knowledge provided by the original tutorial is beneficial, but will be re-covered here.

It is basically covered in these steps.  Click on each to visit it.

What you Need 
Beginning Work 
More Meshes 
Axis Point Detachables 
Pivot Point Detachables 
Structure Setup 
Data Setup 
Final Dummies Setup 
Completing and Exporting 

Next up, Scripts.

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