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[DIR]0-RESOURCES-CURRENT/2019-01-06 20:44 - Recently investigated leads
[DIR]DEMOS-MAC/2018-12-23 23:48 - BRender Demonstrations for Mac OS (Classic)
[DIR]DEMOS-PC/2018-12-23 23:48 - BRender Demonstrations for PC (MS-DOS / Win 3.1 / Win 95)
[TXT]ARGNT-SOFTPRMF.TXT2018-12-23 22:27 21KPrimitives (Argonaut's dll pack)
[   ]BDD.zip2019-01-05 21:29 7.9MCollection of BRender Device Drivers from various games
[   ]brender.ini2018-12-23 22:27 77 File meant to be in C:\Windows
[   ]BRENDER.zip2018-12-23 22:27 1.3MBRender Software Development Kit 1.2 for OS/2
[   ]brender_example.ini2018-12-23 22:27 153 Example of configuration
[TXT]CARM2-SOFTPRMF.TXT2018-12-23 22:27 30KPrimitives (Carmageddon 2)
[   ]dll.zip2018-12-23 22:27 889KBRender precompiled libraries (BDD files) for use with demos etc.
[   ]errata.zip2018-12-23 22:43 13KBRender Documentation Errata
[TXT]I-WAR-SOFTPRMF.TXT2018-12-23 22:27 45KPrimitives (Independance War)
[   ]install.zip2018-12-23 22:43 126KBRender Installation Guide
[   ]IWar_Texture_Kit.exe2018-12-23 22:27 363KI-War Texture Kit (includes BRender TexConv.exe)
[   ]PlayThing1.zip2019-01-06 21:33 1.4MBRender Scene Builder (must be run in 8-bits (256) colors mode)
[TXT]QUEEN-SOFTPRIM.TXT2018-12-23 22:27 9.0KPrimitives (Queen: The Eye) 1
[TXT]QUEEN-SOFTPRMF.TXT2018-12-23 22:27 30KPrimitives (Queen: The Eye) 2
[   ]techref.zip2018-12-23 22:43 599KBRender Technical Reference Manual
[   ]tutorg.zip2018-12-23 22:43 455KBRender Tutorial Guide
A few links:
BRender x86 Installation Guide, DOS/Windows Platforms by Argonaut Software
BRender Tutorial Guide: Getting Started with BRender by Argonaut Software
BRender Technical Reference Manual by Argonaut Software
BRender Documentation Errata by Argonaut Software
BRender Newbies FAQ List by Argonaut Software
Simple BRender Program for Newbies by Argonaut Software

BRender Technical Reference, OS/2 Version 1.1.1 by Argonaut Software

BRender article at the Official Carmageddon Wiki by Toshiba-3
BRender: The Real-Time 3D Renderer by Maria Ingold
BRender Pixelmap format specification by Errol
Carmageddon 1 debugging symbols dumped by Jeffrey Harris
Reddit discussion about above dump with BRender guru Sam Littlewood from Reddit
Internal BRender versions used in some titles by Foone

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