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Supposedly these codes don't work with the shareware version (I haven't tested it). Nor have I had the opportunity to test the Network codes. Note that messing around with the edit modes runs the high risk of crashing the game. Any info I have on the non-cheat edit modes is just what I've been able to figure out by trial and error. Also, I haven't tested the non-cheat modes thoroughly with the Splat Pack.
If you have any problems after messing around with edit modes (such as slow-down), deleting your DATA\OPTIONS.TXT file should take care that.
The versions of Carmageddon I tested with were the original 1997/98 full-version releases of Carmageddon and the Splat Pack. There may have been changes in the program since then (like maybe a fix so that the unused crap files leftover from development don't get installed?). Interplay does wacky things when they re-release games, and my 2001 German version of Carmageddon, published by Green Pepper, has more differences than just translation and censorship. (Germany concerned with censorship? Ha!)
For graphical and code editing, I recommend Carmagedit by Scofflaw Software. It seems that their site no longer exists though...

Cheat Codes or Edit Modes:        
Special Volumes
Depth Effects
Commandline Parameters
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Type these codes during a race. Depending on what mood your computer is in, you must type them
either VERY QUICKLY, or else VERY SLOWLY (to let the keys do their different functions--such as CD startup). Don't push any other keys for a second before and after typing codes. Codes denoted by “(?!)” don't want to work for me.
5 Free Recovery Vouchers ICECREAMHOLE
Acme Damage Magnifier WEHATEMARIO
Blind Pedestrians HAMSTERSEX
Bodywork Trashed BIGBOTTOM
Explosive Pedestrians SUPERHOOPS
Frozen Opponents SPAMACCIDENTS
Giant Pedestrians SMALLUDDERS
Gravity From Jupiter RABBITDREAMER
Grip-o-matic Tires BOYSFROMTHEBUSH
Increment Lap Counter MRCURSORSCOOL
Instant Handbrake SPAMFORREST
Instant Repair INTHEWAR
Invulnerability (?!) SPOONREASON
Mega Credits Bonus GIVEMELARD
Pedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray RUSSFORMARIO
Pedestrian Harvest TRAMSARESUPER
Pedestrian Respawn NAUGHTYTORTY
Pedestrians Glued to Ground SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM
Pedestrians Shown on Map ILOVENOBBY
Solid Granite Car (?!) KEEPITHAPPINESS
Timer Frozen / Timer Thaw SEXWITHFISH
Turbo Opponents YUMMYLARD
Turbo Pedestrians FUNNYJAM
Underwater Ability GOOGLEPLEX
Vesuvian Corpses ISLANDRULES

Menu Codes: 
These are to be typed in at the single-player menu (“SP”)
or the “Choose Game Type” network menu (“Net”).
Network Race Selection Menu Single-player Menu

What does it do? CODE Menu Confirmation sound
Access all cars and tracks in a single-player game. If ENABLE works for your version, it also enables the Edit Modes (F4 during a race). KEVWOZEAR  or
SP Rank increase
Decrypt/Encrypt all .TXT files in the DATA directory and subdirectories. IWANTTOFIDDLE SP Skid at start,
skid at finish
Access to all cars for network mode. Select “ALL” cars in the options menu. JOYRIDER Net Rank increase

Press the WHEELSPIN key during the startup-countdown to start early.
Press SHIFT-D for screen captures: DUMPxxxx.BMP is created in the DATA directory. Carmageddon can handle up to 9999 (+1) screenshots in the directory, but it tends to crash (on my P200) up around 800 200 because every time you press SHIFT-D, Carmageddon scans the directory for the lowest filename available.
Hold SHIFT during playback to hide the controls.
Press I ( i ) to display coordinates. This only works after you've beaten the game.

Example Coordinates: 
13.4 (-29.169, -3.342, 32.464) 6, 180, MILES=0.02
13.4  =  Framerate
-29.169  =  X-Coordinate (North/South)
-3.342  =  Y-Coordinate (Vertical)
32.464  =  Z-Coordinate (East/West)
6  =  Vertical angle of external perspective [6 to 57°]
180  =  Circular angle of external perspective (360°)
MILES  =  Distance driven. Useful for measuring lap distance.
Can be negative if you drive backwards.

F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
F5   Instant Repair
F6   Invulnerability Toggle
F7   +30 Seconds
F8   Freeze/Thaw Timer
F10   Increment Lap counter
F11   +5000 Credits
F12   Cycle through external views of all cars
SHIFT-F6   Show opponents on map (network cheat?)
SHIFT-F7   +300 Seconds (5 Minutes)
SHIFT-F8   Shadows Toggle
SHIFT-F10   Increment Checkpoint counter
SHIFT-F11   Lose 5000 Credits
CTRL-F8   Shadow Translucence Toggle
CTRL-KEYPAD1   Fly Mode Toggle:   Use normal movement keys.
KEYPAD5 places you on the ground (still flying).
KEYPAD9 and KEYPAD6 change the car's pitch.
(I can't get fly mode to work! Please e-mail me if you know why.)
0   Credits Bonus
1   Mega Credits Bonus
2   Pedestrians glued to Ground
3   Giant Pedestrians
4   Explosive Pedestrians
5   Hot Rod
6   Turbo Pedestrians
7   Invulnerability
8   Free Repairs
9   Instant Repair
SHIFT-0   Timer Frozen / Timer Thaw
SHIFT-1   Underwater Ability
SHIFT-2   Time Bonus
SHIFT-3   Bodywork Trashed
SHIFT-4   Mine
SHIFT-5   Frozen Opponents
SHIFT-6   Frozen Cops
SHIFT-7   Turbo Opponents
SHIFT-8   Turbo Cops
SHIFT-9   Lunar Gravity
ALT-0   Pinball Mode
ALT-1   Wall Climber
ALT-2   Bouncy-Bouncy
ALT-3   Jelly Suspension
ALT-4   Pedestrians shown on Map
ALT-5   Pedestrian Electro-bastard Ray
ALT-6   Greased Tires
ALT-7   Acme Damage Magnifier
ALT-8   Random Power-up #1
ALT-9   Random Power-up #2
SHIFT-ALT-0   Random Power-up #3
SHIFT-ALT-1   Random Power-up #4
SHIFT-ALT-2   Instant Handbrake
SHIFT-ALT-3   Pedestrians from Hades
SHIFT-ALT-4   Turbo
SHIFT-ALT-5   Mega Turbo
SHIFT-ALT-6   Blind Pedestrians
SHIFT-ALT-7   Pedestrian Respawn
SHIFT-ALT-8   5 Free Recovery Vouchers
SHIFT-ALT-9   Solid Granite Car
CTRL-0   Rock Springs
CTRL-1   Drugs
CTRL-2   Grop-o-matic Tires
CTRL-3   Pedestrian Harvest
CTRL-4   Vesuvian Corpses
CTRL-5   Gravity from Jupiter
Splat Pack only:    
CTRL-6   Mine
CTRL-7   Mollusk Pedestrians
CTRL-8   Miniature Pedestrians
CTRL-9   Turbo Nutter Bastard Nitrous
SHIFT-CTRL-0   20,000-Credit Bollocks Bonus
    *“Phoney powerup to make Satan react to getting a
      car in the cock” (never implemented in the game)

F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
F5   Rotate mode: X/Y/Z
SHIFT-F5   Scale Mode: X/Y/Z/ALL
F6   Lock onto nearest accessory
F7   Rotate by 90°
F8   Delete accessory
F10   Move X-wise (North/South)
F11   Move Y-wise (Vertically)
F12   Move Z-wise (West/East)
CTRL-F6   Expand / Compress
CTRL-F7   Rotate by 15°
ALT-F7   Rotate by 5°
CTRL-ALT-F7   Rotate by 1°
ALT-F6 / -F7 / -F10 / -F11 / -F12   Compress/move/rotate by smaller increments
CTRL-ALT-F6 / -F7 / -F10 / -F11 / -F12   Compress/move/rotate by 1
SHIFT   Combine to reverse rotataion/movement/compression
0 thru 9   Spawn an accessory.
Can also be combined with SHIFT, ALT, CTRL

Explanation of Accessory Edit Mode:  Each race file has a specifically defined list of accessories (under “Non CarObjects”), but edit mode doesn't necessarily yield the desired accessory; that's what manual script editing is for!
The files in DATA\NONCARS define each accessory's properties (and accessory number).
DATA\ACCESSRY.TXT defines the accessory keys:   # = X,   ALT-# = 10 + X,   CTRL-# = 20 + X,   SHIFT-# = 30 + X. The commented Splat Pack version of this file illustrates this nicely.
Hm, the generated file is not the usual Carmageddon encryption, so I don't know what to do with it. Maybe just point the game to it and let it fly? Anyways, the file is dumped to the DATA\ACTORS directory as an ACT file. It looks like whatever file is defined in the race file under “Additional actor” is modified.
Yes, I know it looks like the X-Y-Z-axi are mislabeled, but that's SCi's doing. (I always thought there was something amiss about European logic…)
F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
F5   Rotate mode X/Y/Z
SHIFT-F5   Scale mode X/Y/Z/ALL
F6   Lock onto nearest Volume
F8   Delete selected Special Volume
1   Spawn underwater effect
2   Spawn cavern effect
3   ???   Default effects?

Explation of Special Volume Edit Mode: Special volume types are cubic regions were sound playback car physics are altered. They are predefined in DATA\SPECVOL.TXT, and in-game editing creates DATA\SPECSAVE.TXT. Rotation/scale controls are the same as in Accessory Edit Mode. Volumes appear as red and yellow enclosures.
F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
F5   Pedestrian Invulnerability Toggle
F6   Show Pedestrian Paths, Toggle
F10   Drop Pedestrian Path Point (red lines)
F11   Dop Initial Pedestrian Path Point
F12   Scrub Pedestrian (cancel new selection)
SHIFT-F6   Identify nearest point
SHIFT-F10   Drag nearest Ped point to current position
DO NOT use while line-drawing! (crashes)
CTRL-F10   Drop Auto-Y point (light blue lines)
CTRL-F11   Drop Initial Auto-Y point
0 thru 9   # = index of pedestrian to spawn
ALT-#   # + 10 = index of pedestrian to spawn
CTRL-#   # + 20 = index of pedestrian to spawn
SHIFT-#   # + 100 = index of powerup to spawn

Explanation of Pedestrian Edit Mode:  First of all, show the pedestrian paths (F5) to discourage the game from crashing while editing pedestrians.
To add pedestrians to the map, first select a pedestrian index number. (You'll notice the total pedestrian count go up.) Drive around and drop some points to define the pedestrian's movement path. When you're done, select a new pedestrian number. (Power-ups are also pedestrians, but since they don't move, they require only one point.)
The diffrence between Auto-Y and regular points: A pedestrian must travel the direct path between regular points, even if it means defying gravity or walking through walls. Auto-Y points allow a pedestrian to deviate vertically from its path, so that it can walk properly over hills and dips, or plummet to its death.
Only paths immeadiately between Auto-Y points function as Auto-Y paths. If you find yourself needing to change a normal point into an Auto-Y point, add 1000.4 to the Y-coordinate (or subtract 1000.4 if you want a normal point).
CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT can be combined when selecting a pedestrian index (just do the math). See DATA\PEDESTRN.TXT for the pedestrian reference numbers.
When you're done, quit the game and look in the DATA directory for PEDPATHS.TXT. This file will contain all the pedestrian information from the level you were just editing. (You might also find PEDINFO.TXT, but I'm not quite sure what creates it or what it's for; it's always been an empty file.) This information can be pasted directly into a (decrypted) race file (look in the DATA\RACES directory); search for “START OF PEDESTRIAN STUFF” to find the pedestrian section. Be sure to update the “Number of pedestrians”.
When editing pedestrians, I recommend you freeze the timer, neutralize opponents (Opponent Mode: SHIFT-8), and make the pedestrians invulnerable. If the peds get in your way, turn on Light and Fluffy Mode (KEYPAD_MINUS).
F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
F5   Show paths
F6   Toggle direction of nearest paths
F7   New path section
F8   Attatch section to node (after F7)
F10   Get info of nearest path
F12   Cycle through cars' external views
SHIFT-F5   Get info
SHIFT-F6   Toggle section use:
  * Green = General
  * Red = Race
  * Blue = Cheat only
SHIFT-F7   Path Drawing
SHIFT-F8   Drag point to current position
SHIFT-F10   Info
SHIFT-F11   Delete section
CTRL-F6   Info
CTRL-F7   1-/2-way Toggle
CTRL-F10   Increase min speed by 11
ALT-F7   Drag points
ALT-F10   Display min-max speed
0   Cycle through cars' external views
1   Opponents on/off
2   Identify nearest cop start point
3   Opponent aggression toggle
8   Downforce speed +50 (range: 50-2000)
SHIFT-8   Opponent Neutrality toggle
SHIFT-9   Car Collisions toggle
CTRL-2   Delete nearest cop start point
CTRL-9   Mechanics (car movement) toggle

Explanation of Opponent Edit Mode:  When you're done editing the opponents' race paths, you'll find OPATH000.TXT in the DATA directory. Paste the new path info into a race text file under “START OF OPPONENT PATHS”.
F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
1   Move bonnet Forward (X-wise)
2   Move bonnet Left (Y-wise)
3   Move bonnet Down (Z-wise)
4   Pitch bonnet Forward (X-wise)
5   Rotate bonnet Clockwise (Y-wise)
6   Pitch bonnet Right (Z-wise)
7   Compress bonnet Sideways (left-to-right, X-wise)
8   Compress bonnet Vertically (top-to-bottom, Y-wise)
9   Compress bonnet Depthwise (front-to-back, Z-wise)
SHIFT-#   Combine SHIFT with 1 thru 9 for reverse actions
F12   Save changes to bonnet as an .ACT file in the DATA directory.

Explanation of Bonnet Edit Mode:  For those like me, who are mechanically illiterate, the bonnet is the polygon you see in front of your car from the internal perspective. This mode edits the size and positioning of this object. (C is the default key to switch to the internal perspective.)
After you're through editing your bonnet, press F12 to save your work, and you'll find an .ACT file in the DATA directory with the same name as the .ACT file your car used (as defined in the car's .TXT file). To use your new bonnet, move it to the DATA\ACTORS directory (thus copying it over the original .ACT file).
Note that some bonnets are used by more than one car, for example, most of the cheat cars use EBONNET.ACT, which belongs to the red Eagle. If you want to rename your bonnet, you'll need to use a hex-editor, such as UltraEdit, to change the internal name. (Regular ASCII text editors will corrupt your bonnet file.)
Files for the bonnet are defined under “Number of pixelmap/material/model files for this car” in the car's .TXT file. There should be three sets of .PIX and .MAT declarations, each, then a set of .DAT declarations and a set of .ACT declarations. Each set contains a file relevent to the bonnet. (This information is useful if you want to swap a car's bonnet.)
Special thanks to QTZ for pointing out what EDIT MODE: BONNET does, and what to do with the file generated by F12.
F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
1   Car simplification level (0-4)
2   Shadows
3   Wall Textures: None, Linear, Best
4   Sky Texture on/off
5   Track drawing distance (4 modes)
6   Yon decrease by 5
7   Sound detail (3 modes)
SHIFT-1   Car Texture detail (3 modes)
SHIFT-2   Smoke toggle
SHIFT-3   Road textures on/off
SHIFT-4   Depth cueing toggle (visibility)
SHIFT-5   Accessories on/off
SHIFT-6   Yon increase by 5

Explanation of Option Edit Mode:  This is mostly stuff that can be done from the details menu. Menu options that cannot be altered during a race also cannot be altered in edit mode.
F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
0 thru 9  
SHIFT-0 thru -9  
ALT-0 thru -9  
SHIFT-ALT-0 thru -9  
CTRL-0 thru -4  
CTRL-5 thru -9  
Test prat-cam animations 0-9
Test prat-cam animations 10-19
Test prat-cam animations 20-29
Test prat-cam animations 30-39
Test prat-cam animations 40-44
Undefined; game crashes

F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
F5   Environmental effect toggle: Darkness, Fog, None
F6   Sky texture toggle (off/on)
F7   Reduce depth start (minimum = 3)
F8   Increase depth start (maximum = 13
F10   Increase YON by 5 (drawing distance)
F11   Increase camera angle
SHIFT-F7   Reduce end depth ('minimum' = 13)
SHIFT-F8   Increase end depth ('maximum' = 0)
SHIFT-F10   Reduce YON by 5 (minimum = 5)
SHIFT-F11   Decrease camera angle
0   Shadows toggle
1   Shadow transluscence toggle
9   Rotate dust color

Explanation of Depth Effect Edit Mode:  If you're dissatisfied with the limited drawing distance (can't see as far as you'd like), you can kick it up seemingly as high as you want--the default is 35, and I got up to 2175 (while facing an outer edge of the map) before I got tired of pressing F10 and quit. It seems that the only limitation is how powerful your computer is.
If you increase the camera angle too much, it's like driving with wall-eye vision. Weird!
F4 / SHIFT-F4   Cycle through edit modes
0   Engine
1   Drive shaft
2   Steering
3   Front Left Wheel
4   Back Left Wheel
5   Front Right Wheel
6   Back Right Wheel
SHIFT-0   Engine
SHIFT-1   Drive shaft
SHIFT-2   Steering
SHIFT-3   Front Left Break
SHIFT-4   Back Left Break
SHIFT-5   Front Right Break
SHIFT-6   Back Right Break

Explanation of Damage Edit Mode:  It only takes four presses of a command to start a part on fire. I imagine the duplicate functions might be for specialized cars.
Commandline Parameters

- Carmageddon -
MAINPROG.EXE   The game executible
CARMAGDN.EXE   Another version of Carmageddon
-RUNME   Run the game (MAINPROG.EXE only)
-HELP   List parameters
-HIRES   640x480 resolution
-NOCUTSCENE   No movies, no music
-LOMEM   Run with low memory
-SPAMFRITTER   ??? More spam when frittering ???
-GERMAN   “Non-violent” version: robot pedestrians (CARMAGDN.EXE only)

- Splat Pack -
CARMA.EXE   The game executible
CARMAV.EXE   3dfx version of game
-HELP   List parameters
-HIRES   640x480 resolution
-NOCUTSCENE   No movies, no music
-LOMEM   Run with low memory
-YON [yonFactor]   yonFactor is a number between 0 and 1
-SIMPLE [CarSimplificationLevel]   CarSimplificationLevel is an integer between 0 and 4
-SOUND [SoundDetailLevel]   SoundDetailLevel is an integer
-ROBOTS   Boring Mode (robot pedestrians)
-NOSOUND   No sound
-NOREPLAY   Disable replay
-SPAMFRITTER   ??? More spam when frittering ???

The Splat Pack parameters also work with CARMAG.EXE, the German version of Carmageddon. Except for -NOREPLAY and -ROBOTS, they also work with CARMAGDN.EXE.
If you're still reading, here's a bonus:   How to disable Carmageddon's CD depedency. Why? Because you get sick of listening to the same (hard) music. (Gotta love the Carmageddon Theme song, however.     )
First of all, you'll need to run a FULL installation of Carmageddon. Now the only files accessed on the CD are the cutscenes. You'll need to copy these to your harddrive. They're located on the CD under DATA\CUTSCENE, and conveniently enough, the destination directory of the same name should already exist on your harddrive. You can get away with copying just MIX_INTR.SMK, or copy them all if you don't mind the extra 32 MB.
The last thing to do, is to correct DATA\PATHS.TXT. When you first install the game, this file will be a hidden, read-only, system file, and not yet encrypted. (If you're working at the commandline, type “ATTRIB -S -H -R PATHS.TXT” to make it appear.)

Line   What? Example
1   CD-ROM drive H:
2   Game path E:\Games\Carma
3   Installation Type FULL
4   Language English

You'll need to make Line 1 the same as Line 2 to trick the game into thinking your harddrive is also the CD-ROM. If it's already encrypted, that's okay--just copy line 2, cut line 1, and paste! Now you're free to listen to whatever music you want! (I recommend Joe Satriani: Surfing with the Alien.) Note however, your CD needs to have at least 8 tracks, or else the CD player will stop if it tries to play a track that's not there. (Or you can edit DATA\SOUND\SOUND.TXT to select other tracks. By default, the game calls tracks 2 thru 8. Search for “CDA”.) Also, Enhanced CDs will not work with Carmageddon.  :(
The Splat Pack needed a CD change even more; it has the same number of tracks as the original Carmageddon, but only three are actual music. (Four 10-second tracks of silence is NOT what I call part of an enjoyable soundtrack.) Plus, track 1, the data track, is defined in the play list, so the music always quits sooner or later. Boring! (The CD tracks, 1 thru 8, are defined as sounds 9600 thru 9607.)

SplatPack's PATHS.TXT
Line   What? Example
1   CD-ROM drive H:
2   SplatPack path E:\Games\CarmaSP
3   Installation Type FULL
4   Language English
5   Carma Path E:\Games\Carma

Here's an update on the Splat Pack (29.Aug.2002). Contrary to what I thought, the Splat Pack can be, er, broken of its CD depencency. It's just a little trickier. Appearently, the Splat Pack (CARMA.EXE) checks to make sure the CD-ROM drive and game path are not identical, which Carmageddon (MAINPROG.EXE) does not. So you'll need to create a third directory and call it what you like, for example “E:\Games\CarmaCD”. Your third directory will need the following structure and files:


I speculate that CARMAV.EXE may also be necessary if you're running the 3Dfx version.
I accidently figured this out when I was just messing around, trying to combine Carmageddon's cars/tracks with the Splat Pack. I had three versions of Carmageddon on my harddrive: Carmageddon, the Splat Pack, and Carmageddon combined with the Splat Pack. I must have messed with PATHS.TXT and forgetten to fix it like it's supposed to be. One day I started up the combined Splat Pack and loaded a race, then realized I was listening to the wrong CD! Inspection of PATHS.TXT revealed that I'd defined my normal Splat Pack as the CD-ROM path. Then it was only a matter of selective elemination to figure out which files are needed (so that I could clear off my packed harddrive!).
In any case, you'll know it worked if you get past the game's first menu without being asked to insert a disk.
Special Notes for Germans

I had fun writing this section for the German version, so I thought I'd include it in the English version for the non-German speakers, too. (The first section is summerized, however.)

- Robot-Pedestrian Fix -

Blah blah blah . . . copy PEDESTRN.TXT over BORING.TXT to have pedestrians instead of robots. (Sorry for the mess; I'm reworking this section...)
What? Path Copy => over
(severed hand)

- What is Spamfritter? -

No idea. Probably an inside joke at SCi. I do know what spam is though. [I didn't see any spam while in Germany.] It's a meat by-product, somewhat like liverwurst [“sausage” that spreads!]. It comes in a tin can, and requires a “key” to be opened. (“Weird Al” Yankovic sings a funny song about it.) How spam and liverwurst compare in taste, I can't remember (I haven't eaten spam in years), but probably indeed different. I liked [German] liverwurst on buttered bread. (Frau Fratta always made it good! (Ha ha, Chip and I drove her cat crazy with the laserpen!))
Try liverwurst on margerita[/plain] pizza from PLUS [Prima Leben Und Sparen: Prime Living And Saving - a German supermarket chain]. It tastes weird. (Hey, a poor guy has to eat cheap when in a foreign country, and that reduces the variety, especially when he doesn't know too many recipies...)

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