Moves, updates and plans

These last years I started using Twitter to post stuff about Carmageddon, and most of the releases and detailed infos are still posted on the CWA board. But I guess I could still use this blog to rant about the happenings and maybe some personal thoughts..! I took a two month break from actual modding so far because I moved again, and because the CWA moved again. I'm still working on it, but this is what this post will be about...

With the new move, all Carmageddon-related subdomains were moved from to This blog was moved under the RR2000 subdomain. Redirections have been set up. Depository websites (Joker, Mastro, Maxine, QTZ) have had their layout updated. The official Carmageddon Wiki was brought back too, with the mediawiki upgraded. I'll still have to update the new style at some point. The CWA was upgraded as well. Finally, I took the time to update the Carmageddon links list.

There is still so much to do though. As I've been discussing already a couple of years ago, the CWA has to be handled a bit differently content-wise and ofcourse, the theme must be finished. What's with the missing header uh. Forum-wise, I'd also still really like to be able to generate a phpBB db out of the dump I did of the forums before it went down for good, and then import it into the CWA. Easier said than done..! Need to find a solid download database to attach to CWA to pose as a new Wasted!, we tried with Titania (the customization database for but it was too tied to its main purpose (duh!). Finally it occured to me that we really needed a proper FAQ regarding the usual questions we keep answering again and again.
Besides the CWA, at some point we'll have to rebuild TheSprayShop, which is currently located at It's just a big dump really and not that useful in this state but most of it has been dumped. All in all, you get the idea: as the Carmageddon community is shrinking and some parts are disappearing with time, we're trying to create a core around the CWA and archive stuff. For the future... for YOUR future!

As for my modding business, I just want to finish the C1 port of Harm's Jurassic Explorer, port the Supastucka to C1, and then finish my old medieval chariot, the Auriga. After that I'll be done with cars for a moment I think. It's about time I get into level design, finishing the Junkyard and 1920s first, then trying to adapt de_dust2 to Carmageddon gameplay using only original assets.
I'll also do a lot of other Carma stuff on the side, trying to update the Gourmet Carmageddon and Barbecue Carmageddon 2 packs ofcourse (it's been years :| ), more C1 hacks, BRender templates for 010 editor, updating the infographic greatly, animating the biking ped, etc.

The Auriga, WIP#6, fév. 2018

See you in 10 more years..!

Quick update

This is just a quick update to the Meldpack (version didn't change): I've updated ddraw to FunkyFr3sh's latest release (v1.2.0.0) which works nicely with Carmageddon. Both Gourmet Carmageddon and VanillaC2 mini-pack (now renamed Barbecue Carmageddon 2, I'll explain next time) are still under way.

A little retrospective and some news

I've been working slowly but surely this past year and a half on diverse aspects of Carmageddon 1 and 2. So I thought I'd try to wrap it all in a new post. But first some overal news!
MagnaChem Research & Development

I'm currently in a rush to release all the cars I've started and left unfinished all these years. You can check the topic here. There's still a lot of work ahead but I'm quite motivated! The idea is to be done with addon cars after that... I'd like to fully go into level design, there's work to be done in the field :)

Recently I also worked on C2 cars for Razor's upcoming Beta mod. I updated Purple Piledriver (again) with wheel-mounted blades and overal texture work. Set the icevan up based on Cameron's model and Carma64 textures. Updated Monster Beetle greatly texture-wise and fixed transparency issues. And finally set the famous (and missing) Digga up based on the original model, references and Loggerhead textures. They'll all be part of the new VanillaC2 pack and Purple Piledriver, Digga and Icevan will be uploaded to RR2000 too.

In case you hadn't noticed, I made a So you want to play Carmageddon? infographic. You can click on the pic on that page to enlarge it. I should already update it I think...

About Gourmet Carmageddon and VanillaC2 mini-pack: I've completely changed the Gourmet project planning and keep on updating the todo list. It's still scheduled for after VanillaC2. Speaking of which, progress is slowly made but my priority is still the smaller projects that I want to get out of the way :D

Now here are a fair lot of tricks and tweaks I worked on this past year and a half, just continue reading...

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The MELD PACK finally updated! (v1.3.1)


Is it like a gift before Christmas? No idea. Somehow this is just an update that was really needed for years. I'm glad I have this out of my way. Though it can still be updated now and then if QTZ wants to patch it more or other issues are reported. fanart by Micki! All in all, the pack has been  […]

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QTZ to the rescue


First of all, a few words about this blog. This has been my development blog for years but it's also been left alone for years now. So yes, I decided to use it as a base for the new blog that will be the home of Gourmet Carmageddon (and the vanilla C2 Mini-Pack). Changed the design a bit and tried  […]

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