Carmageddon 1

TESTY the test car

2 years later, a simple post to share the test car I had made for Errol when he investigated crush datas. It's a simple block on wireframe wheels: Download it here As you can see, it's handy to select and modify specific vertices. And for the record, here's what Jeff had to say about crush datas:  […]

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How to write your own C1 PIX pack

(and thus prepare your custom textures)

With this article, you should be able to /write/ your own pix pack for Carmageddon 1 (C1) from scratch, and then include your bitmaps easily with CarmagEdit. 
Prior to reading and trying to go on with this article. Be sure that you have a hex editor installed (Hex Workshop, FrHed, 010 Editor, etc.).

This stuff is only useful for C1 modders or for people who would like to start modding C1. It is useless for any C2 editing!
I highly recommend you totaly read this article before attempting to create a pix pack for the first time. This way you'll have a global idea of what is awaiting you.

Updated in August 2011!

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Marvelous Carmageddon 1

Dithering example

Here's a short post about some C1 stuff. Everybody playing C1 knows about the annoying effect in the windows being kinda messed up. I had a look at the reason why it happens like that. First thing is that it isn't linked to the car at all. You can define a material on your car that the game will  […]

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Hello, seeing Razorback was featured in the C1 intro but not in the actual game (Razorbill instead) and then appeared in C2, I decided to port it back to C1. Everything's done inside PT2 :BI added the mohawk and the glasses (they are sky reflective btw). Mohawk material is one of these c1  […]

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A bad manip and the whole Gourmet Carmageddon project disappeared!I'm quite pissed to say the least. I have the changelog of what I had done so I can redo everything easily. Even better, maybe try to avoid the crashing bugs. But I have lost the super cool loading screen I had made :'( Ah well... I  […]

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Hawk Mk3 and Eagle Mk3 beta

Today I quickly ported the Hawk Mk3 from C2 to C1. I did it entirely in PT2 heh. And not a single crash :]I think the textures work kinda good even in 8bit. It is fully featured (but the dash bitmap as usual) and I spent quite some time on the bonnet model to get something agreable, even looking at  […]

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The Borgnine, for C1 this time

I ported the Borgnine to C1 as well. Used a yellow untextured C1 material here 'cause C1 doesn't support env map that well (or I haven't found how to setup the lighting properly for said material!) and there's no purple at all in the C1 ingame palette... Actually I think it looks kinda good, no?  […]

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Working out the night track

My night track project for C1 is progressing. I've finally locked a scale I estimated was kinda realistic and good gameplay-wise as well. This will allow me to go on with paths, peds and noncars. So far the track is ingame and features everything it needs on the graphic side but the menu pics. I  […]

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Getting Freddy's weapons to C1

Hi, I'm not dead at all :) Here! Crowning Gory and Roverkill! Almost on request from sir Freddy! Crowning Gory is down from 4500 tris to 960. And Roverkill from 2080 tris to 780. PT2 phase started, soon ingame?!

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