Carmageddon 2

Oh and about BBQ: ToDo list

Things are getting slower lately as I'm working on normal C1 and C2 stuff but BBQ is still progressing towards its first proper release. Here's what I'm planning to work on until then. You'll notice stable Internet gaming isn't on the list yet (getting rid of the lag) this is because I want to have  […]

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ENB Series for Carmageddon II

Hello, let me get this straight, this is actually the ENB mod for GTA Vice City! Only two functions work correctly with C2: bloom and occlusion. Bloom is very easy to get going without losing much fps at all. While occlusion is a ressource hog, only use it if you have a powerful computer. This  […]

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Error messages

Things sure are slowing down a lot lately, that's because of my business taking more time by the day. Anyway I'm still modding C2 almost everyday, yet I never experienced so much bugs and errors than this week. I ported the C1 Sumo arena to BBQ and wanted to keep the textures unfiltered so put the  […]

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Full lit materials for C2 cars, peds via REG folder

Hello, I'll make this one kinda short. There's a way to have full lit colors and textures on your peds, cars, noncars, etc. even though you can't use the track full-lit trick. The idea is to use a material/texture from the REG folder! In order to achieve that, you have to create a reference to this  […]

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Mayan Mayhem notes

Notes. Mayan Mayhem is about to be released actually. I couldn't achieve all the design ideas I had in mind. It was not really worth the effort anyway. I just wanted it finished correctly for the next BBQ build. Designed a new level mixing C2's nuclear silo with wipeout-styled levels today. Must  […]

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Hello, here's some news about my doings. I'm currently working on an update for BBQ, a lot of things are already changed/added and right now the StuntPark from TDR is in the works (based on Errol's Hollowood port) and I'm also completing the Mayan Mayhem level by adding powerups! I automated the  […]

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Here's a new 'ped'. It's Cucco the chicken. That's the model from Zelda: Twhilight Princess. It comes with a new set of animations I made in MAX2.You can download it at Road Reaction. In other news, FUEL has been released for PC. It rocks. Even runs on my comp.

Digga updated

Digga has been updated. The driver's texture is now two sided (for the hand that is), some textures lighting specs are tweaked, new bounding boxes, changed the physics: now more arcade and more playable. If you use this car, just download the archive from RR again and overwrite the previous  […]

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This blog will probably become more active. Seeing I post useless shit there clearly is no reason I post my useless shit elsewhere than here. I'll work on the integrity of the tosh server and with my usual projects. First thing: Crashocalypse is now hosted here as well. We still have to bring the  […]

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