Can be used to have 2tris fake sprites along the Y axis.

An easy one again. This is actor based so remember to let the mesh at the origin of the scene and then move the actor only. As always the animated object shouldn't be preprocessed so use the & char.
So let's say we have a component named &SPRITE.ACT, let's import it in the track then move its actor where it is supposed to be rendered. Oh btw the face of your mesh that you'd like to see face the camera should go along the +Z axis.
Now just save your track and preprocess it if needed (name might change in the latter case if the component is also a noncar). Open up the track text file and add this GROOVE:

Constant // Can be changed to distance, sharp, smooth, always, whatever...
No path // You can ofcourse put the thing on a path
No object // Same goes for animating the object itself

That's all! Actually I bet the PATH and MOVING part of the GROOVE can interfere with the LOLLIPOP.
Not sure though, might create interesting effects and all. If you put a path or animation don't forget this is actor based so the coords of these will be relative to the actor center.
This can be used on cars as well BUT as the steering as an influence on the camera this create an offset within the lollipopping actor! However this can still be used to create somewhat eratic movements. We can imagine a satellite antenna on the roof of Econo's Dodge Van.
It is also possible to combine it with an xLollipop and zLollipop but will create crazy things.
I could already see Mastro using such trick to fake the sprites from Doom, Duke Nukem 3D or Blood in his levels.

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