The MELD PACK finally updated! (v1.3.1)

Is it like a gift before Christmas? No idea. Somehow this is just an update that was really needed for years. I'm glad I have this out of my way. Though it can still be updated now and then if QTZ wants to patch it more or other issues are reported.


fanart by Micki!

All in all, the pack has been heavily fixed by QTZ (sadly no changelog available, though the one from the MC1SE patch might gave you an idea (520+ files fixed)). Hifi's cnc-ddraw mod added and pre-configured, his wsock32.dll tool is included in the \DOCS\ subfolder if you need a lift for LAN games. I decided to keep the same CARMA95 executable and just add a little hires launcher, this allows the pack to stay compatible with QTZ' work. The modified executable will ship with Gourmet Carmageddon :)

Ah well... I'll continue now with the Vanilla C2 MINI-PACK update and then Gourmet Carmageddon... Stay tuned! Oh and by the way, the download links have been updated in the right column here and on RR2000 :)

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