The MELD PACK finally updated! (v1.3.1)

Is it like a gift before Christmas? No idea. Somehow this is just an update that was really needed for years. I'm glad I have this out of my way. Though it can still be updated now and then if QTZ wants to patch it more or other issues are reported.


fanart by Micki!

All in all, the pack has been heavily fixed by QTZ (sadly no changelog available, though the one from the MC1SE patch might gave you an idea (520+ files fixed)). Hifi's cnc-ddraw mod added and pre-configured, his wsock32.dll tool is included in the \DOCS\ subfolder if you need a lift for LAN games. I decided to keep the same CARMA95 executable and just add a little hires launcher, this allows the pack to stay compatible with QTZ' work. The modified executable will ship with Gourmet Carmageddon :)

Ah well... I'll continue now with the Vanilla C2 MINI-PACK update and then Gourmet Carmageddon... Stay tuned! Oh and by the way, the download links have been updated in the right column here and on RR2000 :)


1. On Friday, December 19 2014, 18:37 by Toshiba

Changelog for QTZ' most important changes:

- Sled and Bugutti are fixed (work with all execs - including win versions)
- Mini-coop broken fix included (it reduce crush data to working parts, so game not crash, but also car in game crash a bit less realistic)
- Rid (ped) crash fixed
- Tinsel Town is now compatible with DOS execs (3DFX/VooDoo/DOS)
- Race order set to be as close as possible to original C1/SP (but with Tinsel Town)
- Cars order is set to keep non cheat and special cars in their proper places
- All net races are available - including missing "Figure of Hate Arena" track
- Car icons are recreated, so all cars have their proper icon (most cheat cars have cheat icon), also more cars can be added for net play
- Corrected graphics files (mugs, car selection pictures, pedestrians, cranes, horizon, grid icons, damage indicators, internal views, robot part, 32 bit->8 bit, fonts, other)
- Annie and Frank mug animations added (for future use)
- For car selection menu removed "cloud" animation, but keep hidden
- Palette replaced with purple version (for some tools, but for other it's still required to apply Purple Palette Patch)
- Proper Hat (for SP maps) & Fat2 (unused yet) pedestrians added (Hat replace copy of Crm)
- Tinsel Town pedestrians (3) and zombies (2) are added
- Eagle II Christmas edition added
- Otis & Eagles II / Yellow Hawk II & Colored Hawks II are not switch textures anymore (visible in net mode)
- Colored Hawks II all have proper setup (not Eagle II anymore)
- Hawks II (both versions) have corrected wheels - Toshiba-3 fix
- All cheat cars have default interior, but set up correctly (also better fit for Pork)
- Corrected all pixelmaps headers (including build in palettes)
- Typos corrected
- CD Audio lockup fixed

2. On Sunday, December 21 2014, 19:43 by Toshiba

Now updated to v1.3.2: reset several settings, ddraw.ini set to GDI by default, new launcher icon, cop cars disabled for netgames.

3. On Monday, February 16 2015, 19:04 by Toshiba-3

And now updated to 1.3.3:
- Restored full software BRender Device Driver library
(some rendering modes were missing)
- Added versions to readme

4. On Thursday, January 7 2016, 13:01 by Toshiba-3

- Zombie resources added
- Duplicate launcher for low res mode
- Multiple corrections

- SOFTRNDF.BDD replaced with version from CARM95 folder from CD
- CARMA95.EXE modified - hires with switch to lores (CARM95G.EXE also)
- because of above Launch-Lores.exe (uncompressed) added
- Launch-Hires.exe uncompressed (to easy edit)
- lores CAMERA.PIX replaced with proper small version from demo
- MONSTER.TXT and OTIS.TXT for hires corrected
- CKPT86L.PIX for hires - one pixel on glass cleaned
- HEADUP.TXT for hires - comment corrected
- MAINLDGL.FL removed (unused duplicate)
- in DAM.PIX and in EAG2YEL.PIX duplicated entry removed (DMCRETE3.PIX, xjunder.pix)
- in DE8B2.PIX and in INDUSTB8.PIX - newcheck.pix replaced with better version which is used in other files - more red pixels, no transparency (lores)
- EAG2GRE.PIX corrected (GR2PLATE.PIX)
- HAMMER.PIX and HAMMER8.PIX unexpected transparency corrected (HMHWEEL.PIX)
- DKEYMAP2.TXT and DKEYMAP3.TXT - custom keyboard bindings (arrows and WSAD added, however not set to play - need to be defaulted from patch or game)
- KEYNAMES.TXT - "\" -> "\2", "#" -> "\" (to match UK KEYBOARD.COK)
- backup of ddraw.dll and ddraw.ini added
- KEYS.TXT with description of custom arrows and WSAD keyboard bindings added